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As followers of Christ, our desire to give is a deeply personal and spiritual decision. Fortunately,
there are a wide variety of giving options available through the Northern Michigan Catholic
Foundation to help you and your family meet your financial goals while making a difference in
the lives of others. Donations to the NMCF general fund can go a long way towards preserving the long-term financial future of the Catholic causes you love so dearly.

For immediate gift options please see below.

For more information on legacy and estate gifts please click here.

Cash Donation

To make an immediate gift online to NMCF or one of our funds, please click here.

You can also mail a check to:

Northern Michigan Catholic Foundation
P.O. Box 4121
Traverse City, MI  49685

Stock Donation

When considering an outright charitable contribution utilizing stock, it is best to take a look at your stock portfolio and consider gifting a stock that has appreciated in value. Making a gift of such stock can be very advantageous to both you and the NMCF. For example, if you donate stock that you purchased for $2,000 or more than 12 months ago, and it is now worth $10,000, you get a deduction for the full $10,000 in addition to other forms of tax savings. If you sell the stock for the purpose of making a contribution, you first have to pay capital gains taxes. These taxes are avoided if the stock is contributed “in kind”.

Tax Savings of Outright Gifts of Securities
Gifting appreciated securities can provide you with several potential tax benefits. To determine the tax benefits that apply to you and your financial situation, please consult your tax advisor.

Income Tax Deduction-By making an outright, charitable contribution of securities you are able to receive an income tax deduction if you itemize deductions on your federal income tax return. The amount saved by the deduction depends on your tax rate. You will want to consult with your accountant to learn how the deduction applies to you.

Capital Gains Tax Avoidance-When gifts of stock or property have appreciated in value, an advantage of gifting the asset to the NMCF is the avoidance of capital gains tax. Adding the savings of capital gains tax to the income tax deduction decreases the net cost of the gift to you, the donor.

Transferring Gifts of Securities
To transfer a gift of securities to the NMCF, if is essential that the transfer is recorded accurately and includes the correct account information. If you are interested in giving a gift of stock, please complete two copies of this stock gift form. Forward one to your broker and forward the second to the Northern Michigan Catholic Foundation.

Call (231) 922-9070 for more information.