Northern Michigan Catholic Foundation

311 East Front Street

Traverse City, MI 49864

Phone: 231-922-9070

The Diocese of Gaylord is blessed to have exceptional and motivated men studying for the priesthood in hopes of serving the Church here in northern Michigan. The cost of education for this group of seminarians is very high, but the need for more clergy in our geographically expansive diocese continues. As Catholic donors have seen this ongoing need and its related cost, they have stepped up their efforts to help by contributing to the vocations endowment through the Northern Michigan Catholic Foundation (NMCF).

 Gifts designated for vocations in the Northern Michigan Catholic Foundation help to educate future priests to serve the many parishes of our diocese. On average, the cost to do so is $36,000-$38,000 per year for each seminarian. Gifts designated for vocations in the NMCF help alleviate some of that cost by growing the endowment and generating more interest.  As the NMCF endowment continues to grow, so will our diocesan vocations program and our ability to educate more future priests. If you are interested in helping to make sure that funding for educating seminarians is here not only today, but tomorrow and beyond, please consider making a gift to the Northern Michigan Catholic Foundation today. For more information, please contact NMCF President Christie Perdue at 231-922-9070 or christie@nmcatholicfoundation.